Dear Quiet Minds,

Writing is the cobblestone bridge between magic and reality. With a string of words, we transcend worlds, create dreams and sprout creativity. Easily, we can go from the top of a glass skyscraper to the molten center of the earth. It is the door in a room full of problems and with one turn of the knob, you can escape. Writing has always been my escape but lately, college and life have made me forget how refreshing typing words onto a page can be. And not words you’re forced to write because a professor said so, no, your own words. It’s amazing how writing one word can give you freedom and a voice. I hope, through this blog, to rediscover my passions in books, films, photography, and ultimately, earn my own voice in this world.

There are billions of people on earth and among all the charismatic and endearing ones, I’m definitely one of the quiet ones. But I feel that the quietest people are cursed with the loudest minds. A plethora of voices are clawing at the dark corners of our brains but our silence doesn’t allow us to let them out. Which sounds very painful so let’s relieve this torture for a bit shall we and hopefully with this blog, I can give my mind some room to breathe.

So, to anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog: WELCOME!

Let’s find our voices together.



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