The Maine’s New Album ‘Lovely Little Lonely’ Review

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On April 7, The Maine released their sixth album called Lovely Little Lonely. It is the first album they have done independently and listening to it has been both touching and inspiring.

Every song seamlessly blended into one another despite their contrasting tones. The overall theme in this album was to live in the now which is something that we all praise but never do. Nowadays, everyone is worried about the future. I’m definitely guilty of this because in school we’re taught to get good grades so we can get into college and then find a good job so we can retire early. Everything is about what’s going to happen in a few months or even a few years. What about what is happening right this second. Every moment is important whether you are currently at the top of success or falling into your millionth failure. In this future-oriented society, the now is not taken into consideration. We need to build a now-oriented society, where the past and future are still important but we become more present in our lives.

In this album, The Maine created transitions between each song. This is similar to their 2015 album “American Candy” because each song transitioned into the next without you even realizing it. The title of this album was divided into three songs called “Lovely”, “Little” and “Lonely,” which were used as transition songs. “Lovely” was more upbeat creating a perfect transition into “Black Butterflies and Déjà vu”. “Little” introduced interesting background music with undecipherable words that then morphed into “Sounds of Reverie”. “Lonely” was longer than the other two and had lyrics which were absent in the previous songs. This added to the melancholic tone, which was further explored in “How do you feel?”. These transitions allowed the various tones of the album to smoothly flow into one another, reflecting a more unifying theme. Lyrics like “Little lovely loneliness” were heard in the last transitional song, “Lonely” which really summed up the album.

This album definitely had a different tone from the previous ones because certain songs were very upbeat and positive while others were calming and slow, thus creating a perfect balance. It was very beautiful what this band did because their overall theme of living in the now was incorporated into every aspect of their music. The combinations of lyrics and themes throughout their songs evoked a powerful message of love and life. Initially when I heard the album, I couldn’t catch the meaning of every song, but I left this nostalgic and calming feeling after I listened to it. It was like each song held a secret and as you paid more and more attention, they would whisper it to you.

lovely little lonely

It was also like a metaphor for life. Each song had a different message, every transition had a different feel, but because they all transitioned seamlessly, it felt like one song. We don’t have pauses in life, everything just flows. The good times transition into the depressing times which move into successes or failures or times of lethargy. Just like life doesn’t have pauses, neither did the songs. When I first heard it, I found myself not being able to do anything else but listen and sometimes that’s just it. You have to stop and listen. Listen to the music, listen to the details, listen to the now.

And once you listen, you are present.

You can listen to this album on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music or purchase it on:    


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