The Magic of Art

IMG_0779Dear Quiet Minds,

Art transcends all human boundaries. It is a gift of almost inexplicable, magical energy. When our hearts, through our senses, are touched by art, our lives are enhanced.

-Richard MacDonald

I saw this quote engraved on a wall at Richard MacDonald’s art exhibition. Richard MacDonald is a figurative contemporary artist who is known for making bronze sculptures. He molds blocks of bronze intro intricate sculptures of dancers, athletes, performers, using the beauty of the human body to evoke spirit and passion. It’s beautiful how art can be seen through almost anything, paintings, photographs, writing, music and so much more, but the fact that humans have the capacity to produce something so magical is a beauty in itself.

Being able to connect with another person’s soul through an inanimate object, like art, is where the magic lies. No other species can turn a blank canvas, empty camera or out-of-tune instrument into something meaningful. And it all starts with an outlet because we need a way to pour out our souls and express how we feel. That day at the art exhibition I could feel the excitement and passion that Richard MacDonald put into his creations, just like one can feel something by simply reading the words on a page. With art transcending all human boundaries, connections can be created, bridges between strangers can be built.


Sometimes we want to say everything but, ultimately, say nothing. With art, we can create symbols, analogies, personifications, anything that can finally begin to explain what we feel. When a voice isn’t enough, art is always there. Like it’s here for me now as I write this. When I don’t know what to say, I can just write it or take a picture. If you need a way to express yourself, art is there. It makes things easier, things that have no explanation can finally be explained. And when our hearts are touched by art, we feel better. Our lives are somewhat enhanced because we witnessed a miracle. The miracle of a connection. Art is not just here for self-expression, or soul searching, sometimes it’s just here to show us that we have a soul.

Art touches us because it shows us that we are human, that humans make mistakes, and sometimes we need to find the beauty in the mistake. Because where would we be if someone didn’t accidentally put paint onto a canvas? Or start spontaneously typing words onto a blank document? How would we know what others feel or if they feel anything at all? Sometimes we easily forget about what goes on in the hearts and minds of others, but art gives us a little more insight into what’s hidden inside.

And that’s why art transcends human boundaries. It shows us who we are, shows us that it’s okay to feel. By touching our hearts, art helps life get a little better because we find out that there’s something more out there and we learn that we are capable of the one thing we dream of…

And that’s Magic.



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