Thank you, Moms!


Dear Quiet Minds,

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I wanted to take today to just appreciate all the mothers in this world. The mothers who stood by our side and didn’t abandon us in our times of need. When we had our first fall, they healed our wounds. From when we had our first heartbreak to midlife crisis, they were there to lift us up. They might not have all the right words, but their embrace is enough to sustain us. Their love is needed so that we can persevere. Knowing that even when we fall they will catch us gives us the strength to pursue even our wildest of dreams. Their advice is like gold, we might have to dig for it when they get a bit stubborn, but when we finally get it, it’s a treasure.

Sometimes, there are always days when they don’t understand us. Our eyes plea for help, plea for advice but they fail to recognize it. Sometimes we scream at them with rage or desperation and they, in turn, reprimand us. But at least, they always care enough to tell us what we do wrong and I’d take that over negligence and abandonment. Mothers sacrifice so much for us. When we need to go somewhere, when we need to do something, they have our backs. They are our bodyguards when we are weak and our biggest fans when we are at the top of the world.


So let’s take this moment to thank them. Thank them for their unconditional love. For their screams, their laughs, their craziness because their presence is what gives us life. They are our will to live, our motivation and we should always acknowledge them for that. Today might just be a regular Monday, but Mother’s Day is never over. Every day we should tell our mothers that they are a blessing and the light in our lives. Without them, we wouldn’t be who we are. They sculpt us the best they can and their best is enough.

Go to your mother, give her a hug and a kiss filled with love and gratitude.

And tomorrow do the same.

And the next day.

And the one after that.



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