Save Sense8!

sense8 correct poster

Dear Quiet Minds,

On June 1st, Netflix Original Sense8 was cancelled, leaving the fans without closure after the series’ huge cliffhanger. This show directed by the Wachowski sisters is about eight people from all around the world who are mentally connected to each other. The characters consist of Capheus from Nairobi, Sun from Seoul, Nomi from San Francisco, Kala from Mumbai, Riley from London, Wolfgang from Berlin, Lito from Mexico City and Will from Chicago. This colorful cast from the start offered so much diversity. Not only because of the different nationalities but also because two of the main characters were from the LGBTQ+ community: Nomi who is transgender and Lito who is gay. On top of such diversity, the show gave a sci-fi spin to a very progressive and relatable storyline. When I watched the first episode, I was surprised at how I saw aspects of myself in every single character. I could relate to their fears, insecurities and dreams. Also, every shot was a cinematic masterpiece. No matter how ordinary the scene, the directors had a way of using the magic of dialogue and cinematography to turn it into something extraordinary. This show was one of the few rarities in life where there is beauty in every aspect: cinematography, acting, dialogue and plot. Ultimately this show was an unexpected gift. From the minute I watched the opening scene, I knew the show would change my life.

I would say that I am progressive. I don’t like to judge anyone because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or appearance. It’s 2017 for goodness sake and we have to start accepting the reality. It didn’t take me long to accept this because I believe that everyone has the right to live the life they choose. It’s normal for me, but when I saw Sense8, it turned something that I saw as normal into something beautiful. Despite the differences between each character, all eight of them still seemed like the perfect match. They bonded without prejudice, without hatred and loved each other unconditionally. This show gave me hope in a hopeless world. It showed me a bond that transcended all social constructs. It proved that people from all corners of life could love each other without judgment. Recently, it has felt like the world has been falling apart. It’s felt like we are walking backwards, away from progressive thinking. Every bridge that we have built to connect people is being torn down. Watching this show made me feel like those bridges were still there. It made me believe in people. Sometimes we look at all the horrible things happening in the world and see pure heartlessness but watching the incredible bond that this show created between its characters and fans showed me that people still believe in a loving world.


Despite the show’s cancellation, I am not ready to let these characters go because each one showed me a better way to live life. Capheus taught me to have courage, Sun taught me to never give up, Nomi taught me to love myself, Kala encouraged me to be independent, Riley showed me not to dwell on the past, Wolfgang taught me to fix my mistakes, Lito showed me that it’s okay to cry and Will taught me to strive for justice. The lessons that these characters have given me remain forever in my heart. I also love how the directors presented their fans with two solid relationships that every couple should look up to. Lito and Hernando, and Nomi and Amanita loved each other for their flaws and virtues. They didn’t care if they were judged or hated, all that mattered was the unconditional love and mutual respect they had for each other. If you love these characters as much as I do please help me and every other fan save this show. Request the show on Netflix by logging onto Netflix, going to the Help Center and requesting Sense8. Also, binge-watch Sense8 as much as possible to increase its views. And lastly, sign this petition:

Sense8 cannot leave without the closure it deserves because it celebrated life.

Because it showed me that “I am also a We”.

And because it made me realize that “who I am is exactly the same as who you are. Not better than. Not less than. Because there is no one who has been or will ever be exactly the same as either you or me.”




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