Thank you, Dads!


Dear Quiet Minds,

Yesterday was Father’s Day and although these lovely men didn’t birth us, we have to appreciate all the dads in the world who put up with us in our terrible threes, awkward adolescence and unbearable teen years. For us girls, our dads were there to make our lopsided ponytails when mom had to go to work, they were the barbecue masters, the bug killers, the personal chauffeurs. For guys, they were there to guide them into manhood and if they didn’t want to take the path to manhood, dads were there to support their sons and protect them from anyone who thought they were different. Dads are also the goofballs of the family. When mom’s trying to lay down the law, they are the softies, the one’s that break character.

They have their crazy stories from way-back-when and their philosophical life lessons that they bring up all the time. Sometimes, they may seem like know-it-alls and their life lessons may get annoying, but imagine a world without the lessons and the constant advice. It would be dull and gray if it were not for the enlightenment and laughter that come with each story. They work their butts off every day and the least we could do is listen to their memories, celebrate their past and help make their futures a little brighter. Having our dads and moms just makes a perfect blend of love and unpredictability as they both struggle to raise us the best way they can.


So, let’s take this moment to thank our dads. Thank them for their jokes, their inability to take us seriously sometimes. For their unpredictability, their screams, their constant life lessons. They are there to motivate us, inspire us and constantly work to build us a better life. Although Father’s Day has passed, appreciating our fathers is something we should do every day. They are the iron hands that lift us up when we are down and the laughter we need to smile each and every day. Without them, our moms probably wouldn’t be going crazy, but sometimes a little crazy is what makes our lives happier.

So, go to your father and listen to his stories.

Even if it’s the same one from last time.

Because life wouldn’t be the same without our dads.



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