Intuition: The Key to Your Trapped Mind


Dear Quiet Minds,

Today, I am making an open letter apology to my gut because I didn’t listen to it. I know, I know, I failed, but how can one listen to their gut when everyone else’s voice is overlapping into chaos. It all becomes so loud that the gut gets tired and lays back in defeat. It’s truly a shame because you know that what you feel inside is right but parents, friends, people just grip you tight and pull you into a different direction. It makes me feel trapped because once you act against your gut, the prison bars are pulled before you and you are stuck with an unwanted cellmate: the decision that wasn’t yours. I fail to understand why our guts can’t take over our mind, why the gut feeling can’t be justifiable in times of decision-making. Only after do you realize all the reasons why you were right even though it is already too late. Today, I had such a deep feeling and knew exactly how everything was going to play out, but what happened? Oh yes, I went against my instinct and my gut was fuming with anger. I knew the consequences, I knew the emotional impact it would have on me and yet, I allowed the people around me to make my decisions.

This is devastating. When you’re an inexperienced adult living in a competent adult world, it is very difficult to understand how you should act. No one is there to tell you “listen to this person”, “follow your gut on this one”, or “don’t you dare.” It’s just you and your gut who is grabbing your stomach and wringing it like a damp towel as many times as possible. It especially sucks when your decisions affect other people. You find yourself apologizing for a decision that wasn’t even yours, but the person you affected uses that decision to define you and in the end, the mindset they attribute to you is yet again not yours. And that really locks the barred doors shut because after that, how can you change their mind? Or will you even be able to do so? You’re left wondering what they’re thinking of you or if you just ruined an opportunity. You’re just pushed against the wall which in the end, will leave you tear-streaked and grief stricken as you bid goodbye to that beautiful possibility that could have become a reality if you had just listened to your gut feeling.


So now, I warn you to avoid ignoring your gut. Even if other people’s suggestions look like mesmerizing, hypnotizing blue roses that beckon you, don’t ignore your gut because you’ll end up deceived and trapped. Of course, I’m not trying to stop you from listening to any kind of advice because you need the advice of parents, friends and even strangers sometimes, but be mindful of what your intuition is telling you. Listen to what everyone has to say and that includes what you have to say too. Just because everyone is louder than you doesn’t make your voice any less important. Therefore, I suggest you always listen even if you disagree, but never allow your blind faith in intuition to make you prideful because then you’ll mistake your ego for your gut. Even if everyone thinks you’re crazy, sometimes you just have to follow your gut feeling and use it as the key to free your trapped mind.

“Never apologize for trusting your intuition – your brain can play tricks, your heart can blind, but your gut is always right.”
-Rachel Wolchin

Sorry, Gut.




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