The Little, Really Big Things


Dear Quiet Minds,

“Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”
-Robert Brault

For being so little, these little things are everywhere. They are the extra “I love you’s” and the goodnight kisses. They’re the apologies even when you know you’re right or the details you notice when your friends or family don’t. These small acts are enough to brighten up anyone’s day in a second. It truly is amazing how something so small and quick can completely change the course of your day. When you hold back a sigh after being ordered to complete a chore or when you hold on extra tight during a hug, it shows people you care. When a friend is in a bad mood, remembering what flowers or chocolates were their favorite is a beautiful thing. Sometimes something as small as remembering one detail can cause a friend to look at life in a new light. Those little acts of giving are what stay with people forever. They are as simple as a stranger’s smile or as annoying as an extra “Are you okay?”. They have the power to classify your day as good or bad because just as a smile can brighten your day, something as minute as an eye roll can darken it. They are so important because they show you your worth, they give you a reason to live.

These little things come into fruition in multiple ways. Sometimes you give it to others, sometimes others give it to you, but many times life gives it to you. Life does not discriminate and; therefore, gives everyone – whether good or bad – little gifts of happiness in the form of nature. Of course, only good people are the ones who truly appreciate them, but nonetheless, they are given. Sometimes, looking up at the white clouds dancing in a sea of blue can force us to realize the beauty in our lives. Although the sky is a very large thing, our internal battles stop us from seeing it, so life sends us precious moments, hoping to catch our attention. When we look up, we have the sky and when we look down, we have a sea of color: grass, flowers, insects, soil. A world of miniscule wonders that we don’t entirely know about. We are surrounded by plants of so many shapes and sizes, filled with intricacies. A plant can be a long colorless stem or a tiny puff filled with infinite shades of yellows and browns. All these details are for those who take the time to notice and enjoy.


It’s mind boggling how little things can be found in the vast world of nature and in the enigmas of humanity. The little acts of kindness created by people and the gifts in nature can humble, calm and teach you how to live happily.

So keep your eyes opened, try to see and appreciate as many little things as you can.

Because over time, these little things accumulate…

And end up becoming the biggest part of your heart.




  1. I constantly spent my half an hour to read this website’s articles daily along
    with a cup of coffee.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dearquietminds · January 1

      Coffee is definitely the way to do it! Glad you like my articles! Have a great 2018! 😀


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